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Making calendar subscription from TimeEdit scheduling system

TimeEdit calendars can be subscribed to in iCalendar format by other systems that support iCalendar format. This guide provides instructions for adding and removing calendar subscriptions using Microsoft Outlook.

Adding a calendar subscription

1.       Open the calendar you wish to subscribe to in TimeEdit. Click "subscribe" button on the right upper corner of the page.


2.       Select the interval from this moment to the future from which calendar events will be fetched. The default values are 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 6 moths. If you wish to set a custom interval, see section "customizing the end date in TimeEdit" below.  

3.       Select the calendar subscription address from the text field and copy it to the clipboard.

 4.       Go to Outlook Calendar and select Open Calendar | From Internet…

 5.       Paste the previously copied calendar address into the text field in the popup window and click OK button.

6.       Click Yes button on the window asking if the subscription should be added to Outlook. The subscription will be displayed on all computers on which you use Outlook. You can change this behavior by clicking Advanced button.


Customizing the end date in TimeEdit

You can set a custom time interval for your calendar subscription if you wish to do so.

1.       Click the current end date on the menu bar.


2.       Click relative end.

 3.       Select a unit and amount for your custom interval. The menu is closed when the amount is selected.



Viewing the subscribed calendar overlaid with your own calendar in Outlook.


Outlook shows calendar subscriptions in side-by-side mode as a default. You can change this setting if you wish to see the subscribed calendar overlaid with your own calendar.

  1. Click the "View in Overlay Mode" arrow in front of the name of the calendar.
  2. The direction of the arrow will be reversed and you can return to side-by-side mode by clicking it.


Hiding and removing a calendar subscription in Outlook


1.       If you wish to temporarily hide a subscribed calendar remove selection from the check box in front of the calendar's name in "Other Calendars" pane.

2.       If you wish to remove the calendar subscription right click the calendar's name and select "delete calendar".


3.       Confirm deletion of the calendar subscription by clicking yes button.