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Student printing services in Rantavitikka campus


Centralized security printing is now available for students in Lapland UAS Rantavitikka campus. Student printing services are part of LUC's shared printing services with Lapland UAS, University of Lapland and LUC Library.

With these devices, you are able to print, scan and copy your documents.

To use security printing service "Turvatulostus", user needs printing credit

  • Every new student gets 5€ credit at the beginning of studies
  • Credit is shown on device display when logged in to the device
  • LUC Library sells credits for printing (minimum purchase 5€)
  • Pricing for printing and copying
      • A4, black & white, 1-sided 6,7cents/page
      • A4, black & white, 2-sided 7,0cents/page
      • A4, colour, 1-sided 15cents/page
      • A4, colour, 2-sided 18cents/page
      • A3, black & white, 1-sided 13,4cents/page
      • A3, black & white, 2-sided 13,8cents/page
      • A3, colour, 1-sided 30cents/page
      • A3, colour, 2-sided 33cents/page


Printing service is available on school's computers and print queue is named "Turvatulostus"

User can release print jobs from any of the devices belonging to "Turvatulostus" print queue

  • Print jobs remain in secure printing queue 24hrs if not released.
  • At the Rantavitikka campus, students can use devices located at room A110 and A-building's second and third floor and B332 and B309 hallways. Maps with device locations are found nearby the devices.


Logging in

User logs in by entering personal username and password on the device. After logging in user can select jobs sent to queue and print them.

User may also register LUC Library key fob or Lapland UAS key card to personal user account and use it to signing in to device. To register a key card, place it to the card reader and after asked, type user account information on display.

How to Print "quick guide"

After logging in, user can choose:

    • "Follow-You-Printing" (printing) and "Scan-to-Me" (scan to personal email).
    • Available printing credit is shown on top part of the display


By choosing "Follow-You-Printing" print menu opens and printable jobs can be selected.

    • Select job to print from print queue.
    • Click "Tulosta/Print" from left menu or start printing by pressing green start button.
    • "Tulosta ja tallenna/Print and save" Prints job and saves it at the queue for next 24hours.

"Scan-to-Me" – scan to user email.

    • Set document to the device class or feeder
    • Click green start button or Scan-button on display
    • When document is scanned, click "Valmis/Ready" and device sends scanned document to user email!!


Remember to log out when ready. Device logs user out after one minute of inactivity.

If user has problems with printing, please contact ServiceDesk by phone 020 798 5200 or email servicedesk@luc.fi. Information about the printer and contact information is also located nearby devices.