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Instructions on the use of cloud services

In Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud services, Microsoft contractually guarantees the data
protection of our files and data in the EU region, where they are subject to the EU’s
data protection legislation.

According to Google’s agreement, the data required for using the service, such as
e-mail addresses, may be used for marketing, and Google may also store the data
outside the EU (USA). These facts should be considered especially in the use of
Google’s services (Google Apps for Education, Gafe). You should never store
personal data into Gafe.

Because LUC IT services is unable to monitor our data in the clouds in any way,
each student and staff member is solely responsible for the data he or she stores in
the cloud. Serious problems may result from the fact that LUC IT services cannot
investigate cloud problem situations the way it can in its own services, for example.
In case of serious illness or death, for example, LUC IT services or the person’s
relatives will not have access to the materials.

It should be considered especially carefully what material connected to our
operations, personal data and financial information is stored and/or processed in
the cloud. Study attainments, student evaluations, research plans, development
work, personal data, financial information (e.g., related to business or trade
secrets) and data that is subject to an obligation to archive or retain data must not
be stored on external services.

The cloud service does not guarantee that the data will be preserved in the service
in case of a serious failure. In addition, any data accidentally deleted by users
cannot be restored. LUC IT services recommends that our users back up any
important data they have stored in the cloud service on their personal network
drive, which is maintained by LUC IT services, or on a portable storage device, such
as an external hard disk drive or USB flash drive.

Taking these instructions into account, cloud services are well suited to creating,
storing and distributing learning materials. eLearning Services will publish further
instructions about learning materials in the future.